Brand New Waiting Room!

When first deciding to open her own dental practice, Dr. Cummins strategically picked a location that would be easily accessible and convenient patients. She chose a central location that was easy to find and located in a busy area to ensure that her office was visible to potential patients. This way, the community could easily access her services without having to travel long distances.

Dr. Cummins designed and built up her office space from scratch to meet high state of the art standards. She consulted with experts to ensure that the office design met the latest standards in dental care. She incorporated modern equipment and technology, such as digital x-rays and computerized patient records, to ensure that her patients received the best possible care.

In addition, the office was designed with patient comfort in mind. The waiting area was decorated to create a relaxing and welcoming environment, and the treatment rooms were designed to reflect the changing seasons while providing maximum comfort and privacy. Each room was decorated with colors, patterns, and artwork that represents a different season (autumn, winter, spring, and summer). This seasonal design not only added to the overall aesthetic of the office, but also helped patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during their treatments.

Dr. Cummins also hired a team of skilled and experienced professionals who shared her vision of providing exceptional care to the community. The team was trained to provide personalized care to each patient, and to make their experience at the dental office as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Overall, Dr. Cummins' strategic location selection and high standard office design and team, demonstrated her commitment to providing exceptional care to her hometown community.